CSAV/Role Finance chessfest winners named

JECUAMBS Cuambot, Ballo-allo Kenneth Allen and Stephen Coleta cameout with huge games last January 19 to capture the titles in the recently-staged Colegio de Sta. Ana de Victorias/Role Finance Festival of Chess Rapid Chess Tournament held at the Ayala Central Mall.

10 & Under Category

Cuambot scored 6.5 points (30 TB3) after 7 rounds to capture the crown in the 10 and under division. Settled for runner-up are Eugene Pantua (6.5 pts., 30 TB3) as Paul Anthony Ynion finished 6 points (1 TB1) while Mark Alfonso Azaola ended fourth place with 6 points.

Completing the top 10 are: 5th – Joshua Jose Navarra, 6th – John Paul Navarra, 7th – Aira Dagumanpan, 8th – Ian Comique, 9th – Elijah Kiev Reyes, and 10th – Rudford Joseph Jaleco.

16 & Under Category

For the 16 and under, Ballo-allo swept the division with 7 points as Jamelin Ruth Lim finished behind with 6 points (28.5 TB3) followed by Aliah Grace Belano with 6 points (26.5 TB3) and Christian Pelione with 6 points (26 TB3).

Completing the division’s top 10 are: 5th –Philgymn Villajuan, 6th –Clark Ken Pelione, 7th –Joshua Villaran, 8th –Jasmine Atienza, 9th –Tyrone Dale Yao, and 10th Jardeliza Jerry.

Finally, Coleta scored 5.5 (32 TB3) to rule the Open category as Francis Glenn Panes settled for 2nd place followed by Ted Ian Montoyo and Ric Raymund dela Peña in the third and fourth places place.

Completing the top 10 of this division are: 5th – Stevenson Garong, 6th –Joseph Navarra, 7th – NM Alfred Acaling, 8th – NM Rodofo Toledo, 9th – Saipuding Ambol – 9th, and 10th –Xavier John Verdun.

chess open
Open Category

The champion for the Open category took home P5,000 while P3,000 each for the winners of the 10 & Under, and 16 & Under divisions including trophies and medals each.

For the Open category, 2nd and 3rd placers got trophies, medals and P4,000 and P3,000, respectively. Meanwhile, the 4th and 5th placers take home P2,000 and P1,000 each alongside medals while the 6th to 10th placers get a medal and P500 each.

On the other hand, for the 16 & Under and 10 & Under divisions, 2nd and 3rd placers received P2,000 and P1,000 each along with trophies and medals. Fourth and fifth placers, meanwhile, pocketed P800 and P600 each including medals while 6th to 10th placers went home with P500 each and medals.

This 1-day tournament aims to further develop the sport among the youth in the province./

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