Ceres FC ready to defend home tonight vs. Boeung Ket FC


CERES Negros FC, which has been undefeated at home last year, is looking forward to keep the tradition as they face Cambodia’s Boeung Ket FC for the AFC Cup Group F at 7:30 tonight at the Panaad Park and Stadium.

Coach Risto Vidakovic of Ceres FC stressed that this is their most important game. “After winning 2 games in the Champions League and losing to China’s Tianjin, this AFC Cup is more important as teams in our group will be pressuring us more.”


Vidakovic also said that after a year with Ceres FC and became a part of its successes; he believes that his players are really working as a team. “The composition may vary now and then but, I’m confident that their work ethics and team effort will carry them to the next phase if they keep on winning,” he added.

He added further explained that what we did before was already forgotten and doesn’t mean anything to them. “We have to go forward, and focus on the AFC Cup. All the respect we got from the game against Brisbane will be displayed today. For me, this game is more important than Brisbane, Tianjin, and all the games we played in the Champions League. We cannot go there all confident. We have to respect everybody. We know that if we make one mistake, we can be out as only the first team is going to the next round.

When asked if their game against Boeung Ket will be easy, Ceres FC midfielder Omid Nazari responded: “Of course not. It’s the AFC Cup. It’s the first game and everyone is extra excited. It’s gonna be a tough game but, we’re prepared.”

On the other hand, Boeung Ket coach Keo Kosal and Maycon Silva Calijuri both admitted during pre-match press conference that the host-squad is strong but, they are ready for this match. “We are happy to learn and play in other countries and meet other champions in this group stage. Win or loss we will just try our best,” Kosal added.

Ceres FC will next meet Home United FC of Singapore in an away game on February 27 at Jalan Besar Stadium before the Busmen returns to Panaad on March 6 to face Shan United FC of Myanmar – which they have beaten during the Champions League play-off.

Ceres FC will have their final match at Panaad against Singapore’s Home United FC on April 25.

Meanwhile, AFC Cup, like last season has 36 teams drawn into 9 groups divided into 5 geographical regions of West Asia, Central Asia, South Asia, ASEAN and East Asia.*

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