UP Maroons eye Tay Tung’s Sotomil

Marianne Sotomil

FOLLOWING the successful stint by Bacolod Tay Tung High School Thunderbolts in just couple of years, the University of the Philippines Maroons found interest to Bacolod-based setter Marianne Sotomil.

In a shared communication from UP, the Maroons showed great interest in recruiting Sotomil to be part of their collegiate varsity team, adding, that she has the right talent fit to the team.

Jose Montalbo, Vice-Chairman for Bacolod Tay Tung Sports Development Committee, said that he is after the future of our student-athletes. “I want them to have the freedom to choose their preferred colleges and universities. I am only facilitating whatever would benefit our student-athletes.”

“At this point, I have graduating players who are under negotiation with some colleges and universities in Manila. If they will remain here in Bacolod they will have no problem with their scholarship in college because they will be taken care of. However, we do have student-athletes who really want to pursue their dreams in Manila. So, whatever choice these student-athletes make, I would be very happy to support them,” he added.*

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