Ceres FC survives rough match vs. Kaya FC, 3-2

IT may not be the match that Ceres Negros FC wanted but, a win is a win for the home squad as they survived a roughly played game against Kaya FC-Makati, 3-2 on a rainy Saturday evening and water-filled pitch at the Panaad Park and Stadium in the ongoing Philippines Football League.

Kaya FC kicked off with a stunning goal in an early 3rd minute with Jordan Mintah’s scoring in front of Ceres FC keeper Roland Muller at the mouth of the goal.

Man of the Match Fernando Rodriguez scoring his 2nd goal against the defense from Kaya FC defender Kenshiro Daniels (9) and keeper Ref Cuaresma (1) to lift Ceres Negros FC to a 3-2 victory over the weekend at the Panaad Park and Stadium. (Mymy Alagaban Photo)

The home team equalized the scoreboard in the 10th minute on Bienvenido Maranon’s header off a long pass from Kevin Ingreso.

Six minutes later, ‘Man of the Match’ Fernando Rodriguez sent a powerful strike from inside the box to put Ceres FC on top of the match. Though the home squad has some chances to extend the lead despite the field’s bad condition and many uncalled hard tackles against Kaya prevented them to push their plays. But, unlike Kaya, the Busmen was slapped with a pair of yellow cards as they took the advantage at the half, 2-1.

In the second half, the physical game continues, that caused Stephan Schrock a yellow in the 49th minute on a hard tackle against Kaya.

In the 56th minute, Alfred Osei was awarded the equalizing goal which figured Ceres FC goalie Muller and defender Kota Kawase downed on the ground hurt. Ceres FC, further, suffered another setback when referee Steve Supresencia sent Busmen coach Risto Vidakovic out of the playing Field of Play.

Minutes later, Ceres FC defender Jeffrey Christiaens was also sent out after a red in the 80th minute as Rodriguez and Manuel Herrera got yellow cards each. Herrera was carded following the excessive complaining to referee Supresencia after his lip was broken caused by an elbow from a Kaya rival.

But, despite all odds, the home team was able to pull a win with Rodriquez’s strike in the 90+3 against the defense from Kaya FC defender Kenshiro Daniels and keeper Ref Cuaresma inside the box.

The win fortifies Ceres FC position at No. 3 of the table with their 12th victory in the 17th outings, including a draw and 3 defeats.

During the post-match press conference, Ceres FC Assistant Coach Pepe Losada slammed the officiating to have caused that roughly played match. “In the entire PFL season we played against 11 players plus the referees,” he said.

While, Kaya FC Coach Noel Marcaida lauded his players’ efforts during the match but, described it as a ‘wild-game’.

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