Calayan and Lhuillier: Forging a strong partnership

TWO of the Philippines’ renowned corporations, Calayan Medical Group and M. Lhuillier Group of Companies has forged a partnership which ML Group Chairman Mr. Michel Lhuillier himself calls “strong” and “aim(ing) to become one of the best.”

Mr. Michel Lhuillier with Mrs Amparito Lhuillier – Calayan Medical Group Inc partners with MLhuillier for a bigger and better medical group. Starting this year, the medical group will be called ML Calayan says Lalen Calayan- the company’s Business Development Director.

As a businessman, Lhuillier said his greatest accomplishments is being able to help many people by providing them jobs. And now, the ML Group is widening its business portfolio by venturing into other kinds of businesses that Mr. Lhuillier truly believes in.

“My primary advocacy is to inspire many people and to help them achieve the desires of their hearts,” says Lhuillier, adding that beauty ignites inspiration.

“I firmly believe that beauty is a necessity; I trust my new partners from the Calayan Medical Group (Lalen Calayan, Selina , the entire Medical team and its staff and personnel).

Strengthening our company and expansion are our main goal right now. I would like everyone from all of walks of life to experience quality beauty and wellness services without hurting their pockets,” he continues.

The Cebu-based Lhuillier family welcomed the first Calayan clinic located at the 2nd floor of Block 88 Oakridge Business Park A.S. Fortuna St. Banilad, Mandaue, Cebu. Soon, Calayan will have branches in key cities nationwide.

“Hopefully like MLhuillier with over 2,000 branches nationwide, if the good lord permits,” says Lalen Calayan, Business Development Manager of CMG.*

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