Panasiatic’s ‘Barangay Achieve’ to help Bacolod economy

PANASIATIC Solutions Inc., on December 23, 2016, re-launched its Barangay Achieve program alongside the office of Councilor Ricardo ‘Cano’ Tan, Chairman of the Committee on Livelihood, in order to help provide livelihood opportunities to the people of Bacolod City.

Tan, said that that as Panasiatic aims at providing job breaks to Bacolodnons who are interested to become call center agents, he advised them to connect with the barangay officials – since they knew about human resources in their respective areas. “What’s good at this is that Panasiatic will provide additional trainings to those less-qualified applicants until they pass the examination.”

The legislator added that Panasiatic targets to hire around 3,000 agents. “We have to face the fact that our city has some unemployment problems. We have a number of graduates because we don’t have available job available to them that’s why most of them fly to Manila or Cebu or even abroad in order to provide their families a decent life.”

Tan explained that when barangays are all set with potential applicants, Panasiatic will send their people in their areas to do the necessary works relative to the hiring requirements.

Although Tan admitted that this program will not totally resolve the unemployment problem in the city but, pointed out that it will at least lessen the jobless rate among the Bacolodnons.

Panasiatic general manager Siony Hijara, meanwhile, said that they are basically unfazed of the issue of Donald Trump’s election though their clients are Americans. She said that their focus now is to look for potential workforce to fill the need of their company. “We are looking a thousand more to fill our other building. And nothing to worry about Trump’s election as US president,” she said.

She stressed that this particular job is what Americans don’t want to do.

On the part of Alaine Pilar, Panasiatic Recruitment Manager, he said that they aim to encourage people – especially those who are quite intimidated to apply, by going in their areas. “It’s challenging but, at the end of the day it’s gratifying when you can extend help in form of employment,” he said.

Pilar, however, stressed that while there are numbers of applicants but, among those primary problems they encounter during the process are the communication skills. “But we have programs to help them through our partners,” he said.*

(Photo: Panasiatic general manager Siony Hijara and Alaine Pilar, Panasiatic Recruitment Manager, during the press conference held Dec.23.)


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