Guanzon open to meet Cebu boxing officials

Former GAB Chairman Monju Guanzon with current GAB chief Abraham Khali Mitra.

FORMER Games and Amusement Board (GAB) Chairman Juan Ramon Guanzon, who is also the president of Bacolod Amateur Boxing Association, has formally wrote current GAB chairman Abraham Khali Mitra on December 2, 2016 to respond on the complaint by Cebu-based ring officials against boxing division chief Dr. Nasser Cruz.

On the letter furnished to Watchmen Daily Journal, Guanzon cited that based on the report which came out in a Cebu-based newspaper the said boxing officials have requested Cruz’s transfer to another division but was ignored by then GAB chief.

However, Guanzon denied such claim stressing that he never received any complaint demanding Cruz’s transfer.

The former GAB chair also said that in many assignments that he was with Cruz, he never knew of any occasion where the boxing division head solicited any favor from anybody contrary to what the Cebu ring officials’ accusations.

Meanwhile, on the issue that he has assigned incompetent Bacolod ring officials because they are his ‘minions’, Guanzon responded that he personally trained and conducted numerous lectures to the Bacolod-based officials before granting them their GAB licenses. “They were all qualified to be GAB licensed boxing officials and they were granted GAB licenses because of their qualifications and not because they were my minions,” he said.

Guanzon, in his letter, told Mitra that he would like to confront the Cebu ring officials, particularly, international referee and judge Edward Ligas in any forum the GAB chairman will provide.

Earlier, Guanzon claimed that what the Cebu boxing officials did was basically unethical, adding, that that the basic motivation behind this issue is greediness on the match assignment and officiating rates.*

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