Gainers and losers

The Philippine University Games (UNIGAMES) may have found a new home in Dumaguete City which embraced, welcomed and hosted the games in the last week of October.

In contrast, Bacolod City may loss the national students’ competitions founded by the late Bro. Rolando Dizon of University of St. La Salle in 1996.

As they say that good things never last. Maybe.  But losing the UNIGAMES after 20 years seems impossible for those who have supported the annual event and enjoyed the “fruits” it brought to the City of Smiles.

Can the organizers of Masskarafest afford to smile knowing that Buglasan Festival of Dumaguete and Negros Oriental will benefit the influx of students-athletes every year?

Losing the UNIGAMES reminds us how Bacolod failed to have the new airport of international standard built here instead of Silay City.

Sometimes we are inclined to believe that the worst Filipinos enamored with crab mentality are residing here in this island. Need a proof?

Can you mention a true Negrense who became a Senator since the era of former Presidents Diosdado Macapagal or Ferdinand Marcos and thereafter?

And so with the UNIGAMES fading away from Negros Occidental while, neighbor Negros Oriental is grinning, just waiting with open arms.

And, it happened.

The participants may have decreased but, it did not dampen the spirit of Chairman Bro. Felipe Belleza and President Roger Banzuela who promised Bro. Roly to continue his legacy.

In the end, UNIGAMES survived. Thanks to the help and support of Negros Oriental government, Dumaguete City and neighboring LGUs, Filoil and other corporate sponsors.

At the same time, with the absence of top basketball teams from UAAP and NCAA, volleyball became the centerpiece of the games. It was dream come true for “Coach” Roger who for years has been pushing for this sport to succeed in this part of the country.

Like UNIGAMES, which found a home in the City of Gentle People, Banzuela likewise discovered that there is life after retirement with Foundation University and Dumaguete City.(HENRY G. DOBLE)

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